Sofies verkehrte Welt

Ireland: “Brexit is crazy”

British politics make Brexit a soap opera – and the whole world is watching. Like many observers, journalist Ina Verstl is shocked that the irish border issue hardly plays a role. A separation between Ireland and Northern Ireland could trigger a new era of violence. A journey around a torn land.

Ukraine – The article that never got written

When Ina Verstl went to visit the Ukraine last autumn to research its beer market, her journey takes an unexpected turn. The journalist finds a torn country heading towards civil war and is confronted with her ​​family’s history. The result is a report in which beer plays only a minor role.

Coke Monopoly with Warren Buffett

Over the past few weeks, Coke has been the subject of a very public outcry over its executive compensation plan.Why US-Investor Warren Buffett opposes Coke’s compensation plan but did not vote against it.

The sugar empire strikes back

As calls for a sugar tax become louder – it may have to be introduced to curb obesity rates, the chief medical officer for England has said – food and beverage manufacturers decided it was high time to tell the government what’s what, and in a language politicians understand: the language of money.